Many people have the desire to study the Bible, but feel that they do not know where to start. The African Bible Training Centre looks to assist people by creating a platform where they can dive deeper into the word of God.

During 2015, 1Hope will be presenting a two year Bible Overview Course. The purpose of this foundational course is to help you understand what the Bible is basically about and equip you to be able to explain the purpose of the Bible to others. This will help you better understand what the Scripture means and how it applies to your life. It will help you as you listen to the Scriptures being preached to be able to identify when people are misusing it and attempting to lead you astray. It will also enable you to speak about the Scriptures with others in a helpful way.

This course will survey the entire Bible, Genesis through Revelation, giving you a glimpse of the glory of God, a basic understanding of how the Bible works, an overview of the contents of each book, how it fits in with the rest of the Bible, the theology it teaches, and how you can benefit from it and use it in your own personal studies and life and ministry. This course will be practical and you can be assured that if you come humbly, depending on the Holy Spirit, it will radically change you, because the goal of this course is to take you deep into what the Bible actually means.   

What To Expect:

During this two-year course, you will read through the entire Bible twice to understand the main content. You will receive a clear overview of the word of God. You will come to understand what each book is basically about, its structure and literary form, the main characters, its theology, and how it fits into the overall story of the Bible.  

We are excited to partner with the EBTC (European Bible Training Centre) to allow you to submit your homework through an online platform. You will also have access to other additional resources through the ABTC Facebook page and the 1Hope website.

Course Details:

The course is divided into 2 semester each year. Cost is R250 per semester.This helps us to cover the printing cost of your course syllabus and present you with additional resources.

Where we meet:

We are currently meeting every other Thursday at City Baptist Church - Corner Visage & Thabo Sehume - Pretoria Central. Adjo Building inside the church hall from 18:30 - 20:30


* You need to register to attend the class - Registration for 2015 is currently closed.