Find out about Phase 2


Dear MBH family and friends!

We know many of you were not able to attend the 5 year celebration evening, but we want you to know that we are so grateful for your part in showing love and making sacrifices for the least of these over the past 5 years for Muphamuzi Baby Home.     
We are still thanking the Lord for such a beautiful time we had celebrating his goodness to us over the past 5 years at MBH.    “How Great is our God” continues on!   We are looking forward to many ways God will work in the next 5 years!
Some of you may have caught a glimpse of our “dreaming ahead” display at the celebration.   We love serving a big God that lets us dream!!   So we make our plans and look to Him to direct our paths!  (Prov 16:9)




We have a possible opportunity to double our care.    We are requesting that the government allow us to register as a “cluster care property”.    This will allow us to have TWO baby homes on the same property.    This would be a huge blessing.  Our home is often full and as calls for babies come, our hearts are sad to say “sorry, no, we are full”!  
The cost would be significantly less than if we had to purchase another entire property, we already have a 2nd building on our current property, and much of the current running costs will not increase if we are able to use the same property.    
We would love for our property to be running as a “Cluster care property” by the kick off of 2018 and we need your help!!!
Would you pray with us and consider ways that you can help!

  1. You can Pray that we get approval from the government and the registration will go smoothly
  2. You can join in on our Renovation of the 2nd building.  We will be moving the current building off the border wall, and will be adding a second story.     With this renovation plan we will be able to accommodate 6 more babies and continue to be a home to our MBH manager and MBH interns.
  3. You can give towards the renovation cost which is estimated at R500, 000 (roughly $35,000).   We can not start the process until we raise these funds!
  4. You can give towards furnishing the new home which is an estimated cost of R60,000 (roughly $5000).    
  5. You can commit to give monthly.   Monthly running costs of adding home #2 will increase by an estimated R30,000/month (roughly $2300/month).  

You want to know where to send the money to? Get more information here.