Who we are

Why a Baby Home?

Muphamuzi Baby Home was inspired by a little boy named Muphamuzi and a family's desire to give abandoned children a home. Muphamuzi was born special needs, HIV+ and abandoned at a governement hospital and given the name "Muphamuzi", which means "Give me a home".   

At age 3 Muphamuzi was given a home and for the first time had a mommy and daddy. His family was amazed at what he started to become just from being in a family the way God designed the family.   This brought on a more directed and focused approach to "orphan care" for this family and the 1hope4africa team. There are many ways to care for orphans, but 1hope4africa has a strong conviction that the best way to care for the orphan is to place each and every orphan into a family with a mommy and a daddy who love the Lord.  

This is where the dream for Muphamuzi Baby Home was born. We stepped out in faith as a small team and in less than a year the Lord provided funds for us to purchase a home, renovate it, furnish it, decorate it, stock it, staff it.... and start caring and loving on babies until they are "given a home", a forever family. The doors of MBH have opened in 2012 and since then we have cared for many precious babies!


Who are we?

MBH is a place of safety in the heart of Pretoria for orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable babies where a family is found and hope is restored. At MBH, we pray that each of our children will be placed in loving homes. We nurture and love these babies until they move to what God has next for them, whether that be adoption, foster care, or being reunited with their biological family.